Become a Licensed Childcare Business Owner or Expand to your Second Location in 12 Months or Less

Get out of the RESEARCH PHASE and into Starting or Expanding Your Childcare Business with 29 Page Planner.

This is the #1 Step-by-step plan to help you become a licensed owner of a childcare business or expand within 12 months or less. Over hundreds of aspiring Owners have gotten their most burning questions answered with this 29 Page Planner.

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Your First Step in Launching or Expanding a Successful Childcare Business

Here is exactly what you'll get: A 29 Page Planner to help you map out your own plan to Become a Licensed Childcare Business Owner, or Expand into your Second Location within the next 12 months or less.

Breakdown Overview of Each Phase

Phase 1: Budget & Funding

The first thing I will guide you through is the Budget and Funding Phase. Complete with your Budget and Funding Worksheets and Business Plan Template, this training will give you the overview of what it takes to set up your Budget and understanding Funding Options.

Phase 2: Location & Licensing

The Next phase I am going to walk you through will be the Location and Licensing phase. This is where I will learn all about licensing and how to find a profitable location. You will get a Location cheat sheet that you can use while looking at locations and a checklist you can use when you’re ready to start prepping for your first licensing visit.

Phase 3: Automated Hiring

At this stage, you should be almost ready to open your doors, which means it’s time to start hiring staff. Before you start hiring, I am going to walk you through how to set up a Automated Hiring System that will show you how to on-board, set up your in-house substitute program system to ensure coverage at all times, and how to advertise your job openings to attract quality staff and Teachers. I will give you a overview of what that looks like and you’ll get access to the Staffing Flow chart to help you with understanding the process.

Phase 4: Automated Marketing

Now, you are ready to Open your doors and start Marketing Your new Childcare Business! But before you do that, we need to set up your Marketing Strategy. In this phase, I will walk you through an overview of how to position yourself in the marketplace through proper branding. And I will also explain what a CRM (Client Management Relation) System is and why you need one! Plus we will look at the components of what a Automated Marketing Website should have.

This is for you if you want to...

Become licensed and open your first childcare business

Have a profitable business plan

Attract amazing staff

Fill your center/school with enrollments

Expand into your second location

But you don't want to...

Be overwhelmed with the process

Wing it when it comes to your business plan

Have no predictability for enrollment

Be stuck in the research phase

Search for locations not knowing which ones will be profitable

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